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10 yard dumpster

10 Yard

A 10-yard dumpster can fit practically anywhere, including very small lawns, driveways, or parking areas. It’s big enough to get the job done, but not more than you need for around-the-home projects.

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20 yard dumpster

20 Yard

A 20-yard dumpster is the first size in the larger roll-off dumpster category. It's used for roofing and more intensive remodeling projects, such as a small-scale kitchen demolition or tearing out a wall to open up a room.

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30 yard dumpster

30 Yard

The 30-yard dumpster big enough for major renovations and can accommodate construction and demolition debris for larger projects such as full remodels or clearing out an entire home.

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40 yard dumpster

40 Yard

40-yard dumpsters are the largest available option for dumpster rental services. They are ideal for contractor use and big business, as they are the best size for large-scale projects.

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Are you in the Huntersville, North Carolina area and planning a home renovation or lawn care project? Perhaps you are planning a thorough cleanout of your home, including getting rid of many no longer needed items out of storage or maybe getting rid of some old, broken-down furniture. For projects like these, garbage cans may not be up to the task of getting rid of all the waste. In cases like these, rollout dumpster rentals are an affordable option to get rid of garbage and debris that gets in the way of you completing your projects. Renting the correct size of the dumpster you need is easy when renting from Fast Dumpster Rental. For contractors and construction companies, we have the waste removal capabilities to have you covered, as well. We have many different sizes of roll-off dumpsters that are ready to help tackle your removal needs no matter how big or small.

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On time, super easy

"These guys were great in every way. On time and super easy to deal with. The Fast Dumpster team did what they said they were going to do when they said they would do it. Awesome company. Thanks!"

- Laura Schmidt
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Highly Recommended

"Fantastic service, very easy to deal with and less expensive than other dumpster rentals. Works with homeowners and builders alike. Delivery was on time and they pick it up fast when you're done."

- Randy Walters
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Great Price

"Great Price! Showed up right on time and the crew was respectful. The entire process was affordable, easy and fast. Will use again and I would definitely recommend this service to friends and family."

- Chad Hale

Dumpster Rental Quick FAQs

Dumpster Rental Sizes

10 Yard

The 10-yard roll-off dumpster is one of our most popular choices because of its versatility and ability to be easily placed in small areas. This will be the size suitable for thorough house cleanouts, especially when these cleanouts would otherwise mean multiple trips to and from the dump. The convenience of filling up the spacious dumpster and removing the garbage in one efficient method makes the rental of a 10-yard well worth it. This size dumpster is also the perfect size for small household renovations. For example, this size dumpster may be a sufficient size for a small bathroom remodeling. Lawn care needs such as the removal of a lot of brush, litter, weeds, or broken-down outdoor toys can also benefit from this size of dumpster.

15 Yard

With larger renovations and larger lawn care waste removal, a 10-yard roll-off dumpster might not quite meet the needs of your project. The 15-yard adds extra space when a larger renovation project, such as that of more than one room, is necessary. This size is better able to handle larger amounts of debris from personal demolition sites. You might be surprised at how much garbage a 15-yard dumpster can handle. Another favorable quality to the 15-yard dumpster is that the sides of the container are low enough to easily get your trash inside. This would also be the appropriate size for smaller roof fixes and replacements. This size dumpster is also a very versatile option and fits in most size driveways and other smaller areas with relative ease. As with all our dumpsters, the roll-off qualities make it possible to use without damage to driveways or lawns.

20 Yard

Sometimes larger renovation projects produce a lot of garbage and debris. This includes home renovations that involve a significant demolition and reconstruction or large-scale work on outdoor decks and sheds. The 20-yard dumpster is likely the right size solution for these projects’ waste removal needs. These dumpster walls are still low enough that waste material can be easily gathered and tossed into the well-sized container. Larger roofing projects may also require this size of dumpster to make sure all disposed of materials such as shingles and nails are gathered and removed from the household area and lawns. For construction companies and contractors, this dumpster would be effective for smaller to medium-sized construction sites.

30 Yard

Typically, the 30-Yard dumpster is the largest container you would need for your personal at-home projects. This sized dumpster has plenty of room to gather and transport debris from large house remodeling projects, as well as the debris from large parts of the house being demolished. Collecting and transporting the debris from the demolition of bigger outdoor structures such as large sheds can easily be done with the help of a 30-yard dumpster, as well. While personal and home projects may require this sized dumpster, it is also commonly used on construction sites. The massive container space means that the cleanup of large-scale jobs is easy to transport away, keeping every job proceeding as efficiently as possible.

40 Yard

A 40-yard dumpster is large enough to meet all your construction cleanup needs. This sized container will be found at large construction sites and other big-scale industries in need of massive cleanup. This has more room than the average household will need, so these sizes will be found almost exclusively for larger industries or multi-property cleanups. While this means waste transport on a larger scale, it doesn’t mean that it will take any longer than our other sizes to deliver and remove the dumpster so that garbage removal will be the last thing on your mind when there are deadlines to meet.

Fast Dumpster knows that efficient garbage removal by experts keeps our Huntersville neighborhoods clean and beautiful, free of clutter and garbage. We have the expert knowledge to remove the garbage from any site thoroughly and quickly. We will deliver the dumpster where you need it, when you need it, and then remove it when you’re ready so that everything you are doing will go according to plan. Why worry about transporting junk when Fast Dumpster Rental can do that for you, all with the perks of consulting with our experts to make sure you are not wasting any time or money when it comes to cleanup.

We at Fast Dumpster are confident that you will be saving money on all your projects and construction needs by choosing our company. We offer the most competitive dumpster rental prices in the Huntersville area and know all the ins and outs of servicing this area. We understand that every project and construction site is unique with its own set of garbage removal challenges. Our experience means that you will not need to spend money on dumpster rental longer than you need to, and we will remove the dumpster at any point in the project you need it removed.

We would love to hear about any project you are considering doing to help guide you through the necessary waste removal options. We are here to help and can offer you free quotes and advice as to what size dumpster you will need. You can run by us any ideas you have, and we can look over the logistics of the garbage removal and advise you of your best options moving forward. Our superior customer service means that we are here for you at every step of the way and able to navigate you through cleanup hiccups, should any happen. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us today.

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Rent a Dumpster for Construction, Home Cleanouts, and More

Whether you are looking to rent a dumpster for construction, home cleanout, DIY projects, or anything else that requires a lot of waste material to be collected and removed from a site, Fast Dumpster Rental will have the right options for you. There is no reason that you should have to worry about wear and tear on your vehicle as you spend countless hours packing up material and bringing it to the dump when Fast Dumpster can remove it for you at very affordable rates. When doing DIY projects, the focus should be on the quality of the construction, and having to focus on getting what the waste materials you need off your property shouldn’t be a primary concern. In fact, it should be an afterthought.