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10 yard dumpster

10 Yard

A 10-yard dumpster can fit practically anywhere, including very small lawns, driveways, or parking areas. It’s big enough to get the job done, but not more than you need for around-the-home projects.

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20 yard dumpster

20 Yard

A 20-yard dumpster is the first size in the larger roll-off dumpster category. It's used for roofing and more intensive remodeling projects, such as a small-scale kitchen demolition or tearing out a wall to open up a room.

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30 yard dumpster

30 Yard

The 30-yard dumpster big enough for major renovations and can accommodate construction and demolition debris for larger projects such as full remodels or clearing out an entire home.

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40 yard dumpster

40 Yard

40-yard dumpsters are the largest available option for dumpster rental services. They are ideal for contractor use and big business, as they are the best size for large-scale projects.

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Many Oklahoma City projects need waste management services to help keep the city clean while it is worked on and improved. For these services, you should always turn to Fast Dumpster Rentals. If you’re embarking on a commercial or residential project, we offer a free quote and five dumpster sizes to our clients.

Whether it’s a construction job or a building cleanout, waste management is crucial to any project you might be working on in OKC. Renting a dumpster comes with a lot more benefits than you might think, from easy disposal to help with transportation of waste and debris. By renting a roll-off container dumpster for your next project, you can be sure that you have a safe and efficient method of waste disposal, as well as helping to keep your project on track.

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On time, super easy

"These guys were great in every way. On time and super easy to deal with. The Fast Dumpster team did what they said they were going to do when they said they would do it. Awesome company. Thanks!"

- Laura Schmidt
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Highly Recommended

"Fantastic service, very easy to deal with and less expensive than other dumpster rentals. Works with homeowners and builders alike. Delivery was on time and they pick it up fast when you're done."

- Randy Walters
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Great Price

"Great Price! Showed up right on time and the crew was respectful. The entire process was affordable, easy and fast. Will use again and I would definitely recommend this service to friends and family."

- Chad Hale

Dumpster Rental Quick FAQs

Dumpster Rental Sizes


Debating dumpster sizes for a project can be difficult, especially if this is your first project that requires larger waste disposal. Our 10-cubic-yard dumpster rental is the smallest roll-off dumpster rental we offer here at Fast Dumpster. This generally is a great size for any small projects around the house or at a business that won’t have a large amount of extra material. Because of its smaller size, the 10-yard dumpster can fit in many different locations, unlike the bigger, taller roll-off containers. Standing just over 3 feet tall and measuring at 8’x11′, this dumpster is perfect for small construction projects and especially holding bulk materials like soil or concrete. Many homeowners also choose this size dumpster because it can easily fit in their driveway during construction.

15 Yard

Our 15-cubic-yard dumpster stands at 3.5 feet tall and measures in at 8’x16.5′. Compared to the 10-yard roll-off dumpster rental, this size offers more room with the same accessibility of disposal. The 15-yard dumpster can hold up to 6 pickup trucks full of waste and debris, making it a great option for smaller to medium-sized construction projects. Some common projects that use a 15-yard roll-off dumpster rental include bathroom remodels and renovations, small office renovations, smaller roofing and flooring projects, as well as landscaping projects. If you have a remodelling project of a single room, a 15-yard dumpster is your best option.
20 Yard
The 20-yard dumpster is one of our most popular rentals for junk removal. Some people struggle to picture the exact difference between our 10-yard and 20-yard dumpster rentals. Our 20-cubic-yard dumpster can actually hold double the amount of waste that the 10-yard roll-off container can, while standing at the same height of 3.5 feet. This dumpster is longer, allowing it to store up to 8 pickup trucks full of waste and debris inside, allowing waste management on any project to be immensely easier. Large areas of landscaping work, detailed remodels, and projects that will most likely create a good amount of construction debris are recommended to use this rental size in OKC.

30 Yard

Sometimes, a larger project creates more waste. This dumpster is much larger than our previous options, and stands at a height of 6 feet, to create more room for construction debris and waste. The 30-yard dumpster rental can hold up to 4 tons of waste. This makes the 30-yard roll-off container a great option for any project that you know will have or will create a lot of waste, such as a large building cleanout that has bulky furniture or multi-room renovations in homes or businesses. Because this dumpster is larger, you will have to make sure you have enough space to accommodate it for your project.

40 Yard

Our 40-cubic-yard dumpster rental is our largest rental size for waste removal in Oklahoma City. These dumpsters stand at 8 feet tall and measure in at 7.5’x22′, allowing for maximum waste disposal for any type of larger project. Any large construction project will most likely require a 40-yard dumpster. If you are working through a contractor, this size rental is likely their top choice for any big project. The most common uses for the 40-yard dumpster rentals are for large projects like a complete home or business remodel, large demolition, flooring and roofing projects, building a new home or business, and more. If you have any large construction projects coming up in OKC, the 40-yard dumpster rental is the right choice for you.

Fast Dumpster is a reliable, experienced business that recognizes the need for efficient, safe waste disposal in cities all over the country. Now serving Oklahoma City with dumpster rental services and aid in waste management, we provide affordable pricing to ensure that your projects can get the cleanup they need without breaking your bank. We are fast and friendly and even offer dumpster delivery services to make your construction project that much easier. For high-quality services and waste management at an affordable price, rent from us here at Fast Dumpster.

When you’re looking for dumpster rentals in the Oklahoma City area, there are really two main things you might be considering: the price and the size.

Here at Fast Dumpster, we understand how difficult the waste management process can be. Then, when companies try and hit you with hidden fees and extra charges on rental rates, it can get be even harder to manage. That’s why we provide honest advertising with no hidden fees, so you know exactly what you are getting from us. Finding a way to manage your debris should be easy. We offer fast, friendly, affordable service so that your project can have the waste management it needs, without the hidden fees.

Having a plan for waste management is crucial to any project that you might be working on.

If you’re working on a home or business in Oklahoma City, then you should consider renting a dumpster from Fast Dumpster for your waste disposal needs. We offer multiple sizes of dumpsters as well as fast delivery services so that you can keep up with the project at hand, while managing all your extra materials at the same time. Whether you’re landscaping, renovating, or remodeling, renting a dumpster from Fast Dumpster will ensure that you have a safe, efficient, and affordable way to keep your project running as smoothly as possible. If you’re looking for dumpster rentals in OKC, contact us today for a free quote or for more information on our waste management services.

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Rent a Dumpster for Construction, Home Cleanouts, and More

Waste management and disposal are crucial to any project. Whether you’re working on a construction site or having an estate sale, renting a roll-off dumpster will ensure that you can keep everything running smoothly while getting unneeded materials out of your way. Landscaping, renovation, remodeling, and cleaning out buildings all require methods of disposing of junk and other waste. When extra materials start to build up, many jobs can become a lot more difficult and even dangerous. Rent a dumpster to make sure that your job site stays safe and efficient throughout the whole project.