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10 yard dumpster

10 Yard

A 10-yard dumpster can fit practically anywhere, including very small lawns, driveways, or parking areas. It’s big enough to get the job done, but not more than you need for around-the-home projects.

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20 yard dumpster

20 Yard

A 20-yard dumpster is the first size in the larger roll-off dumpster category. It's used for roofing and more intensive remodeling projects, such as a small-scale kitchen demolition or tearing out a wall to open up a room.

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30 yard dumpster

30 Yard

The 30-yard dumpster big enough for major renovations and can accommodate construction and demolition debris for larger projects such as full remodels or clearing out an entire home.

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40 yard dumpster

40 Yard

40-yard dumpsters are the largest available option for dumpster rental services. They are ideal for contractor use and big business, as they are the best size for large-scale projects.

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There may be a DIY renovation project that you have been thinking about in your mind for a while now, and perhaps you’ve decided that now is the time to get it done. Maybe your lawn needs some tender love and care, and you have decided it is time to clear out all that brush and debris that has littered your yard for too long. You may be a contractor or construction company that is ready to take on a small- or large-sized job and will need to remove all different kinds of waste.

One thing these scenarios all have in common is that there will be a need for effective garbage removal. A Winston-Salem, North Carolina, resident or company ready to tackle these sorts of projects will benefit from fast, efficient garbage collection and removal capabilities. Fast Dumpster Rental is the solution for any of these project needs with experienced care and outstanding customer service. We understand that the Winston-Salem area deserves the best in waste removal services so we can keep our neighborhoods pristine and maintain a community to be proud of. Renting a roll-off dumpster can be the solution you need for all waste removal problems.

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On time, super easy

"These guys were great in every way. On time and super easy to deal with. The Fast Dumpster team did what they said they were going to do when they said they would do it. Awesome company. Thanks!"

- Laura Schmidt
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Highly Recommended

"Fantastic service, very easy to deal with and less expensive than other dumpster rentals. Works with homeowners and builders alike. Delivery was on time and they pick it up fast when you're done."

- Randy Walters
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Great Price

"Great Price! Showed up right on time and the crew was respectful. The entire process was affordable, easy and fast. Will use again and I would definitely recommend this service to friends and family."

- Chad Hale

Dumpster Rental Quick FAQs

Dumpster Rental Sizes

10 Yard

There may come a time in your life when you have an itch to do a DIY renovation to a room in your house. This may include updates to your bathroom or living area. A Winston-Salem resident may also decide that their home needs a thorough cleanout. This can include getting rid of old stuff that has been packed away in closets and storage rooms for many years or removing broken down furniture that no longer functions correctly. The 10-yard dumpster is the perfect solution to your problem. This size dumpster will likely be able to contain all the debris and garbage from these types of projects, and the removal of the dumpster is quick and easy. The versatility of the 10-yard dumpster means it can fit into virtually any driveway or small area. The roll-off qualities mean that it can be used on a lawn for lawn care purposes without any damage.

15 Yard

The 15-yard roll-off dumpster is capable of garbage and debris removal for the projects mentioned above but on a little larger scale. The walls of these containers are still low enough to easily throw in your trash while still having lots of room to fill up inside. Often, projects of these sizes produce an amount of waste that local garbage removal companies are not able to handle. This can mean many trips to and from the worksites to the dump, adding significant time, stress, and logistical problems, not to mention wear and tear on your personal vehicle.

20 Yard

If you are tackling a multi-room renovation project or are ready to demolish a small shed or other structure, a 20-yard roll-off dumpster will likely have the capabilities to collect and transport the debris away from the worksite. This size dumpster usually has the capabilities to clean up after old roof removal and replacements. This would include the ability to contain all the old nails, shingles, and gutter material. While the 20-yard is twice as big as our smallest dumpster, it is still very versatile and portable. In fact, it can still fit in many driveways without a problem. As with all our dumpsters, they are easily delivered and removed without tearing up a driveway or ruining your lawn.


The 30-yard dumpster is suitable for very large home projects but is also often found on construction sites. There are not many single home renovation or demolition projects that will require a dumpster size bigger than the 30-yard. For contractors and construction companies, the 30-yard dumpster means large-scale abilities to collect debris and garbage, and the quick removal of it from the worksites. Rental of the 30-yard dumpster can help ensure that a client is never upset with a project going past a deadline. With dumpster rental, efficient waste removal will be the last thing you need to worry about.


The 40-yard dumpster is found almost exclusively on construction sites, and there is a good reason for this. There is so much room in the container that it far exceeds the waste removal needs of a single home. The types of garbage and debris that these strong dumpsters can handle make them ideal for any construction project being undertaken. When large areas are being cleared, and large structures are being built, one of the most important parts of the process is getting the materials out of the way as quickly as possible.

Fast Dumpster Rental will get the correct sized dumpster to you where you need it, when you need it, so that you can get on with your work. This will all happen without the worry of dings or holes in your driveway or damage to your grass or lawn. When you need the garbage gone, we will take it away so that everything gets done efficiently. You will likely have questions before and during your projects, and Fast Dumpster’s quality customer care can help guide you every step of the way. Our experienced team will be able to figure out the logistics of any part of your unique job. No two projects are the same, and experience means that we can assess and tackle waste removal without a hitch.

Fast Dumpster has the most affordable dumpster rental prices in the Winston-Salem area. Choosing to rent dumpsters from our company will mean that you can get anything you want to be done within your budget and time constraints. We understand that keeping our North Carolina communities as beautiful as possible means that waste removal must remain affordable and that you are getting the quality service that you pay for. We take pride in our ability to help you achieve your construction and cleanup goals.

If you have any questions about a DIY project, construction, cleanout, renovation, or roof repair garbage removal, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at Fast Dumpster. If you have any ideas for projects you want to run by us, we will assess your unique needs and give you our best advice. Our quotes are free so that your waste and debris removal needs can be considered at every step of your planning and construction process. We will help keep your workspace clean of waste and, after it is completed, no sign of the dumpsters will remain.

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Rent a Dumpster for Construction, Home Cleanouts, and More

When it comes to construction, meticulous home cleanouts, or many other DIY projects that can spruce up your living areas, renting a dumpster can save you time and money with waste transportation logistical planning. Removing garbage may be lower on your list of concerns when planning a project, but when multiple trips to the landfill begin eating up your project time and waste begins being strewn all over your work area, the convenience of renting a roll-off dumpster will become apparent. The focus of your project should be on other aspects to get the job done right with the garbage removal as the least of your worries.